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Daniel Martin Varisco

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Qatar University

American Institute for Yemeni Studies


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Middle East

Branding Expats in the Middle East MENA Tidningen (2/15/16)

It Just Takes Time...
MENA Tidningen (1/6/16)

No Peace on Earth
MENA Tidningen (12/25/15)

ISIS, Who's Your Daddy?
MENA Tidningen (11/28/15)

American Interests, Sunni-Side Up
MENA Tidningen (11/26/15)

Russia Gets Syrious about ISIS
MENA Tidningen (10/10/15)

Fox and Enemies (i.e., Muslims)
MENA Tidningen (10/2/15)

The Canal through Nowhere
MENA Tidningen (9/23/15)

Trump the Tramp and Trash Talk
MENA Tidningen (9/18/15)

The Refugee Crisis and Orientalism
MENA Tidningen (9/15/15)

Salman Fishing in Washington
MENA Tidningen (9/5/15)

Religion is not Archaeology,Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 3/15

Why I Don't Dig "Dig", Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 2/15

Holes in the Gender Gap, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 12/14

Going to Pottery Barn, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 11/14

Chilling Prospects for the Arab Spring, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 12/13

Poison Gas, Cruise Missiles and Drones, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 11/13

On Pharaohs, Pundits and Scholars, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 9/13

Scholars Notebook: Daniel Varisco on What’s in the Sea and Stars for Qatar, ISLAMiCommentary, June 28, 2013

Hezbullies in Syria, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (6/13)

Sex beyond Sects, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (5/13)

Gender Jihad and Body Politics, AN (4/13)

Roads to and from Damascus, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (2/13)

Drone Strikes: The Error in the War on Terror, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (1/13)

Self-Inflicted Wounds,Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (1/13)

No Olive Branch in Gaza, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (12/12)

Poster War on the New York Subway, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (11/12)

Between the Rock of Ages and a Hard Sell,Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (10/12)

Body Politics, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (9/12)

Crisis Hopping, History News Network (5/27/11)

A "No Fly" in the Ointment in Libya, History News Network (3/20/11)

All Eyes on Egypt, History News Network (3/2/11)

Milking the Mosque Cow, History News Network (8/9/10)

Covering Afghanistan, History News Network (8/1/10)

Grinding a Greater Axis of Evil, History News Network (12/28/09)

More Than Just (a) War, History News Network (11/12/09)

What is There to Study? (Re: Afghanistan Study Group), History News Network (1/31/08)

How Bush's "Mission Accomplished" speech plays today, History News Network (5/1/07)

A lesson for U.S.: Somalia is not Iraq, Newsday (4/30/07)

Another Blow for the Horn of Africa, History News Network (12/26/06)

Send more troops? History News Network (12/21/06)

Bush's Misleading Talk About Democracy, History News Network (9/1/06)

Bombs Away, History News Network (8/6/06)

In Iraq, Mourning Has Broken on a Bridge to the Past, Pacific News (9/2//05)

"Are We Really Better Off" (10/14/04)

Deadening a Beaten Camel: Is Middle East Anthropology Relevant? 10/98


And the Winner Is? MENA Tidningen(4/6/16)

Tunnel Vision on Yemen MENA Tidningen(3/31/16)

Yes, Prince Turki, You are a Free Rider MENA Tidningen (3/19/16)

The Road to Kawkaban Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (2/29/16)

Congressional White Washing the Yemen War MENA Tidningen (2/13/16)

Heritage Be Damned Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News (2/12/16)

The Islamic Anti-State in Yemen MENA Tidningen (1/29/16)

The Voice of which America MENA Tidningen (1/19/16)

Cluster Bombs and War Crimes MENA Tidningen (1/11/16)

It Just Takes Time MENA Tidningen (1/8/16)

The Blind Bleeding the Blind
MENA Tidningen (1/5/16)

The War Nobody Knows
Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News, January, 2015

No Happy New Year for Yemen
MENA Tidningen (1/1/16)

Hell is not in the Hereafter
MENA Tidningen (12/6/15)

Bombs, Cyclones and Locusts
MENA Tidningen (11/6/15)
Swedish translation

Photoshopping the Yemen War
MENA Tidningen (10/25/15)

The Game of War
MENA Tidningen (10/19/15)

The Usual Suspects
MENA Tidningen (10/7/15)

As Sana'a becomes Aleppo
MENA Tidningen (9/8/15)

Terrorism at the University
MENA Tidningen (9/2/15)

Running out of Patience but not PatientsMENA Tidningen (8/31/15)

MENA Tidningen (8/10/15)

Murder in Mocha
MENA Tidningen (7/26/15)

Safeguarding Yemen's Cultural Heritage
MENA Tidningen (7/19/15)

Looking Away from 'Bombs Away'
MENA Tidningen (7/7/15)

Assessing the Damage from the 'Storm'
MENA Tidningen (6/29/15)

Desprecio saudí por los símbolos yemeníes
El Pais (6/12/15)

If faith comes from Yemen, then..
MENA Tidningen (6/12/15)

Women in Yemen: a force for change
Insight on Conflict (5/8/15)

It’s Not About Sects
Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News April, 2015

When Heritage Turns to Rubble
Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 2015

Proxy Morons: The Demolition of Yemen, Mena Tidningen, Lund University, 3/27/15

CyberSurfing Yemen’s Arab Spring, Middle East Muddle, Anthropology News 12/13

Is This the Last Dance for Ali?, History News Network (5/25/11)

In Yemen rebellion, snakes have bitten, CNN (3/22/11)

Yemen is not Tunisia or Egypt, CNN (1/31/11)

Yemen is not a terrorist factory, CNN (11/8/10)

Worth a Response: Why Yemen is Not Afghanistan, History News Network (7/14/10)

After New York ... Before Sanaa: A Postmodern Lufthansa Lullaby Yemen Update (1998)

Observations on the Baboons in the Garden of the "Bostan Restaurant" Yemen Update (1991)

"A Trip to the Hadramawt" Yemen Update (1991)





People of the Book: Why Not the Book of Love?
MENA Tidningen (12/16/15)

Donald Trump and P. T. Barnum
MENA Tidningen (12/9/15)

ISIS Lunacy and the Bible Belt
MENA Tidningen (6/27/15)

An Impish Desire for Imperial Déjà Vu
MENA Tidningen (5/27/15)

So Much for Democracy
MENA Tidningen 4/23/15)

Secularity and Secularism, Islam and Muslims: A Conversation between Daniel Martin Varisco and Hasan Azad
Sacred Matters (6/12/14)

Life without Honor, Middle East Muddle, AN (3/13)

Muslims of Color, History News Network (9/2/11)

Pornographic War Gazing: Why We Don't Look Away, Religion Dispatches (4/12/11)

Ibn Big Ben, History News Network (12/30/10)

The Empire’s New Clothes, History News Network (9/12/10)

Burning Books, Burning Bodies, Burning Bridges, History News Network (9/8/10)

Words Matter: The Linguistic Damage of “Going Muslim”, Religion Dispatches (11/17/09)

Born Free, Unless You are Female, History News Network (7/19/10)

Facebook vs. the Holy Book, History News Network (5/20/10)

Hate, Times Squared, History News Network (5/6/10)

On Colonels, Pantyhose and Honor Killings, History News Network (5/2/10)

Are the Hutarees on a Jihad for Jesus?, History News Network (3/30/10)

Satanic or Silly: Does Yale Press Censorship of Cartoons Insult Muslims? Religion Dispatches (9/8/09)

Our soldiers are bringing bibles to Afghans? Really?, History News Network (5/5/09)

Mumbai and the Blame Game, History News Network (11/29/08)

So if it’s not about religion …, History News Network (3/8/08)

Muslims on the American Landscape, History News Network (2/26/08)

Hijab, Raw Meat and Catnip, History News Network (10/28/06)

Holy War over Papal Bull, History News Network (9/15/06)